Dark Matter

It is thought by scientist that 85% of universe is dark matter. It must be 70% of dark matter and 30% of seen matter. When matter has no apparent quality of any kind of matter and can manifests itself into energy is called dark matter and this energy is the dark energy. All these Galaxies have extra gravity that is keeping them in place or a system that could be Dark Matter or Dark Energy. It is believed by scientist that dark matter is made of neutralinos particles that do not interact with ordinary matter.

“Mirko Boezio work on the probe called Pamella has found a surge of positrons a form of anti-matter that is invisible or transparent and can pass in any matter undetected.” 

Dark matter is the creation of all kind of energy which transforms itself into an appearance as normal matter start creation with physical proprieties. These proprieties can manifest itself into all kind of matter including all Galaxies, Stars and Planets. Scientist believes that there are Cosmic String that binds all Galaxies, Stars and planet but without gravitational force and dark energy it becomes illogical. Some researcher found a hint that there might be a pure mass energy stretching across the universe that is binding every thing they call them cosmic string. That proves the theory of dark energy. If there is any thing like cosmic string it must be a part of dark energy that carrying all forces and particle. Although scientist say they can not yet see these string but they hope precision measurement of the cosmic microwave back ground, of cosmic ray, gravitational radiation, and looking of double image of distant quasars. Scientists are still far away to see or prove the dark matter or dark energy. Because there is no UTSARJAN , no light reflection or VIKIRAN. So the principal of dark energy goes against the theory of self attraction by gravitational force that is pressuring all the galaxies to stay in place.  If that happened than the expansion of universe will stop. That is only possible if there is some fifth dimension.


Human is not even like a drop in the ocean. If a drop put it self away from ocean and try to know the ocean that is even out of imagination how can it bring it to its knowledge. Instead if drop will put itself into ocean than it can become ocean and there is no need to know it.

My purpose of writing this is not to condemn the scientist but tell them that there is no energy present in this universe that can measure the Pure Energy. Any measurement is bound in time and space and universe is beyond time and space, cause and effect.


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