Black Hole

What is Black Hole: – Our Milky Way Galaxy is a member of about 24 galaxies seen until now by scientists. The smallest one is seen in 2008 with only 24 stars. In the same way this group is member of another galaxies and so on and on and on. Actually there may be millions of Galaxies that human eye is not able to see. We have about more than 200 billion (200 Kharab) stars in our galaxy alone. If you travel at the speed of 380000 km/sec, it will take you one lack light years to cross it. Thus you can imagine the immenseness of universe. There is a round growth like structure in the center of our galaxy that has been acknowledged as a super massive black hole or super nova by astronomers now. A black Hole or Supernova have massive gravitational force more that billionth time than sun. Any thing comes near it will end up into it even the light will end as soon as it enter into it. It’s like a big Whirlpool (BHAWANR) that eats up every thing that comes in its circle. About 1055 B.C. Chinese astronomer saw the first Supernova in our milky way. It was so bright that it can be seen even in day time. Basically a death of a massive star create big supernova that is why it is so bright. It can be seen today that is called Crab Nebula, it is like cloud of gases or particles.  There are other small black hole exists in our galaxy but there is no known damage done till now by any black hole to our earth because they are still far away (closest about 325 light year). Black Holes must be primordial and came into existence just after a fraction of second after the beginning of Universe. It clearly means that in creation there is hidden destruction also. The center of black hole is the Universal Mind that is forming its silence. The scientists are looking for the fifth dimension. Three dimension of space are Length, Width, Height, and fourth is Time. Fifth dimension is hidden in the centre of Supernova that is why it’s impossible to find. Scientist think cosmic string is the fifth dimension but than dark matter or dark energy could be the fifth

For black holes, distant observers will see only the outside of the event horizon, while individual observers falling into the black hole will experience quite another “reality.” General relativity predicts that for distant observers outside the horizon, they will experience the three space-like coordinates and one time-like coordinate, as they always have. For someone falling into a black hole and crossing the horizon, this crossing is mathematically predicted to involve the transformation of your single time-like coordinate into a space-like coordinate, and your three space-like coordinates into three time-like coordinates. Along any of these three former space-like coordinates, they now all terminate on the singularity; you’re experiencing them as time-like now. All choices always terminate on the singularity—at least in the case of a non-rotating black hole. The coordinate which used to measure external time now has a space-like character which affords you some wiggle room, but dynamically, in terms of these new reversed space and time coordinates, you find that no stable orbits about the singularity are possible no matter what you try to do. Without any stable orbits, and the inexorable freefall into the singularity, relativists often refer to this as the collapse of space-time geometry.

Information about what has fallen into a black hole is stored on the event horizon of a black hole. Recent calculations by the folks who study quantum gravity theory and superstrings have confirmed what Stephen Hawking and his collaborators proposed a decade or more ago. Evidently, the information contained in matter that falls into a black hole is by some curious means encoded in the pattern of frozen quantum fields at the horizon. This raises some interesting possibilities that we could resurrect clocks, humans, spacecraft, and whole planets into something like their pristine form if we could magically reverse the in-fall and collapse process. Many believe that this mathematical result means that we have reached a watershed moment in history in understanding the connection between quantum mechanics and gravitation theory. Quantum mechanics deals with statements about the information that we can extract about a quantum mechanical process involving observation. Now this same information language can be applied to configurations of the gravitational field and space-time itself.


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