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We are part of Solar System which is having 9 planets. This Solar System has come into existence about 4 billion years ago. We are sure about one thing that we are born through the stomach of Sun. As long as the Sun is there the life will keep on existing on earth.  Every planet will affect our life. Like Moon it can change the tide in sea. We are carrying the same water 70% in our body how can it will not effect us. The planet Mercury is the closest apart from Moon of Sun and Earth, strangest planet when it comes to effect human life. Scientist have done very little or no work on this side of this planet. Ancient mythology and astrology explain it work just opposite to Venus. Earth is 15 million km away while mercury is 4.6million km away. It is 40% smaller than earth. While other planets are far away but rays are carrying more effect than Moon so they also affect our life according to the situation and matter they have. We are not even equal to a drop in ocean in universe. But due to ego developed in human mind it say “I know every thing” and “will find out every thing about the universe” when after almost reaching at our destruction point we are not even able o find out millionth part of our galaxy. Scientist had already seen 24 galaxies till now.

At the time when this planet earth was in the process of evolution human was not in existence but very minute form of life was present. When energy with tremendous fire was cooling down on this planet some how Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms form a combination and water was he result. Due to heat this water evaporated and converted into dense clouds. Due to atmospheric pressure it resulted into heavy rain that put the fire away. There was water all over the Earth in starting. Because of low temperature this water was frozen and some part of the earth becomes a solid desert. Now send, water and snow was present. This send was carrying air and fire inside.   

The fact is there are five elements involved in creation of this life. As long as three Earth, Fire and Air are present together there is no life. You can see this in any desert on this planet. As soon as you put water on the sand dunes you will see the grass growing. No one had to put a seed there. Now there are four elements are present plants. If a particle is lying with four elements where it is not getting the climate to grow it will not become a plant. But it will get he fifth element it will become a living creature and start the movement. You may call it one cell animal Ameba. That fifth element is energy, or Sky. Now the hundred million dollar question is how this fifth element got into this particle.

If there is no matter than ‘I’ do not exist so I am the end product of matter. The brain is matter that caries the Universal energy that it use through nerve and Neurons by brain cells. Human have two kind of energy one he got through parent at the time he was conceived another is he get through food every day to do physical work. The universal energy used by brain cells decides your life span along with your planetary situation.


I can become a God but that is my mind illusion. There is no such entity that has a shape or figure that you can call God. ‘I’ always exploit weak people in this illusion. Some highly evolved human being has tried to show this but power hungry followers has misused the concept or mythology of life and continue exploiting weakest people. Recent history shows that Super Human like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were the first Super Human race those evolutes to the maximum limit of human evolution. Later history shows that there are Ram, Krishana, Gautam Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanak, Mahaveer Jain in the good side of evolution and Hirnakashap; Ravana, Kans, Judah, Aurangzeb etc. are the evil side of human evolution. These good super human have reached the position to find the actual Universe. In Vedas it had been declared thousand years before that what we are seeing is nothing but Illusion of human mind. Today science has also reached to the same conclusion after they find that breaking the last smallest particle they did not find anything.





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