Start of our Solar System

Milky Way Galaxy that is still full of gases as looks from here. Sun is just a big Star in its orbit like so many other enormous stars.. Thousands of hydrogen bombs are exploding on its surface that makes big space filled with gases. Earth is just a sub-planet in its orbit. Although our life totally depend on Sun but other sub-planet also affect our life as well. Even some other planets are coming into existence as seen by Hubble Space Telescope recently in the Orion Nebula surrounded by gases. There is possibility that this may collided with some other big planet one day.

Out all these star and planets life developed on Earth about few billion years when earth started cooling from fire globe. The fireball became a soup of rock. Ultimately from the humidity of earth became the dense clouds. That followed by heavy rain and microscopic living cell. Later stage is conflicted by different theory of development of Mammals, Plants, Flatworm, Jelly fish and Algae.

In last thousand years living organism keeps on changing in different type of organism. Hard shells organism also came in to existence. About few hundred years ago the first mammal came in to existence. Dinosaurs were on this earth about 65 million year ago. This was starting era of animal kingdom. Suddenly they disappear from this planet. Here is also scientist not agree on one point. Somehow the seed of living being was still survived. Homo sapiens evolved six hundred thousand year ago. We feel ashamed of our ancestors the Apes that somehow existed in Africa. Homo sapiens migrated all over the world from Africa.


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