Hello married perverts and prudes

There is say in India about marriage that “Any one who has not eaten this sweet or Apple will be sorry and who will eat will be sorry”. When some said it there was no tradition for dating in India. One regret not being married in old age when passion becomes like a football without air. One need a companion in that stage. But than people are not living so long now a day. The best thing in life is to find a companion for seclusion.

The Prude & the Pervert

Welcome to my words, my thoughts, and my husbands intimacy that he would like to keep a secret. I will tell you all about it. Upon trying to understand the harsh reality of marriage, the differences in two people becoming one new family together, I felt the best way to out my sometimes confusing outlook on marriage was to do what I do best. Tell people everything. I am no secret keeper.

I never understood what people said when I was told “the first year of marriage is the hardest”, my husband and I agreed that would never be us. Obviously, young and stupid. We had such a unique circumstance, met at work, started dating 4 months later, then engaged within 2 months. Currently we have been married for 5 hell-ish months of trying to learn to live with and for each other. Google became my best friend, and once…

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