Nature has given you five reason to be proud of as women. No other creature have these wisdom. Sacrifice, Courage, Devotion, Patient and Love. With these power physical suffering cannot stand any chance. Domination of man with one physical power over women is curse by women in past activity. But in present moment no one can win a women by any power.


Womanhood is literally so aggravating sometimes.. I could go on and on about why.. I’m going to list the top 10 reasons why I think womanhood totally blows sometimes!!!!!




1. Who the f*ck invented periods? Like seriously? Being on your period is one of the worst and painful things any human can ever experience in 1 lifetime.. Definitely my #1 reason.. 

2. Hormones… What in the f*ck are hormones and why? One minute we’re happy hippie, and the next minute we literally want to punch someone in the face.. Literally…. 

3. Bad hair days!!! Oh goodness gracious.. Bad hair day says it all.. Have you ever had a hair day that was SO BAD you were ashamed to be out in public? A bad hair day before work or school is definitely the worst!!

4. We have nothing to wear!!!! Didn’t we just buy ourselves an entire…

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