Why Travel

I thought the same and travelled the world in my first stage of getting the chance. But now it seems useless in others view. It does not matter what is your feeling. The main thing is what others think of you. There are not people who understand the meaning of life. There are machine who understand the motions.

Levi Talks (Travels & Thoughts)

Siem Reap Siem Reap

Travel is the best way to learn about life. All the best stories are happening out there. It makes you realize that there is a bigger world where life runs completely different with yours. It opens up all possibilities. It gives you more courage to try all risks and uncertainties. Exactly what you need in a world full of surprises and mysteries.

Wales Wales

Travel changes you. Big time.

Your heart will beat like a madman and your eyes will swell with wonder. You’ll meet people of different backgrounds and they’ll pique your interest. You’ll be stunned with their experiences and you’ll bleed with their emotions. You’ll never realize until then that movies duplicate realities. So, the next time you meet someone who resembles the same story, you’ll have a deeper connection.

Ho Chi Minh Ho Chi Minh

You’ll never really understand why people fight for diversity and celebrate individuality unless you…

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