6 Leadership Theories to define Effectiveness of Leaders

Well its nicely written theory of leadership. I can only say leadership need a super human consciousness. As human is a conscious based organism. Individual consciousness do not work in crisis so it need an consciousness that is above collective consciousness that can understand variety of consciousness of a crowd. Mostly leaders are needed in crisis or conflict.

Scribble and Scrawl

By Bhudeb Chakrabarti

Leadership is the projection of personality; It is combination of persuasion, compulsion and example that makes other people to do what the leader wants them to do.

~ Field-Marshal Sir William Slim, outstanding British and Allied commanders of World War II.


What is Leadership?

Leading is the art of influencing and motivating people to perform in a manner to achieve a common goal. The sum total of a leader’s roles, tasks and responsibilities and interpersonal influences constitutes leadership.

A leader should not only be intelligent (with general problem-solving capacity), but should also possess high integrity and character, equally concerned with ends (doing the right thing) and means (doing rightly).

Effective leaders have to work ceaselessly, and communicate with the people to motivate them in an efficient manner.



What makes a Leader Effective?

Numerous studies have been conducted and considerable amount of research has been done to…

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