Earth our Home ?

We are just living our old concept and manipulate them time to as per out change in consciousness. BBC asked the question about 10 years ago: Why people have faith in God. They started a survey around the world and have plan to spend 20 million pound sterling on the project. I have replied them. “I am giving the same here: If the fear of death is not present in human mind no one will do any ritual of worshipping. There are many example when human got this impression that he will not die and he taken posture of God him self.” The entity that control this Universe is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omni present. If any one claim that Cosmic Energy have a shape that will not be logical. We are just like a smallest particle in ocean of Universe. Like a drop in Ocean cannot know its presence as long as in Ocean. If it go out from Ocean it will dry.

GOD knows it all

In the previous article we talked about the evolution of life on earth and now in the second article we will talk about the evolution of Human beings assuming the 8th theory as base.

Earth is our real home?

We were sent here for some purpose?

God really exists?

Gods we worship are aliens?

Similar questions arises & we are unable to quest our thirst so moves on. But now on ask me anything & I’ll give you the answers.

I know it is hard to digest that earth is not our home, it is strange to hear but maybe it’s true. Some scientists have argued that life originated on mars, due to a mineral found in Martian meteorites, thought to be crucial to the genesis of life. In another discovery DNA and amino acid molecules found in an interstellar gas cloud. Which means that important building blocks for…

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