Moon to become fuel stop for Mars?

Moon to become fuel stop for Mars?.A new study, partially funded by NASA, has found that the space agency could return astronauts to the moon within five to seven years and establish a base on the satellite.

Best of all, this plan would fit into the existing NASA budget, as it would incorporate public/private partnerships akin to the International Space Station.

The NexGen Space study estimated that costs for putting astronauts back on the moon would be $10-billion, with two competing private service providers taking $5-billion each.

Fuel Station


[Infographics] Status Quo of Migration to Hungary

[Infographics] Status Quo of Migration to Hungary.Hungary has been experiencing a huge influx of illegal migration in the past half a year with an average of 1,000 people a day coming in the last weeks. Majority of them are arriving to Hungary through the common border with Serbia. To stop them, Hungary will erect a fence and monitor it with drones and cameras. A truly Hungarian solution.