Universal Evolution

From the Big Bang the long journey of an Atom started in the Universe. As scientist declaring again and again about the formation of Universe is Big Bang. I wonder always what was before and what will be after the Black Hole will devour all that is called material or even immaterial also.

There various theory about The Big Bang or Creation’s Explosion that lasted only in Billionth of second (1035). This glow of fire started expanding in unlimited space which created second dimension Time at the same moment. The energy created by this reaction tremendous and unlimited. This like a huge show of unseen power no one can define or can be defined in imagination like deep meditation. This was like a inflating balloon with unimaginable speed. This expansion of energy had quality to transform itself into matter that we see all around called Universe.

After Big Bang it took just millionth of second (106)  for Universe take shape like a inflationary fire ball. As this ball of fire keep on expending become less dense and cool.

The first force formed in this chaos was gravity. This energy was carrying the unseen matter with power of Atom, nucleus at the centre that has electromagnetic force. By the passing moment Creation was in full force with a logical particle with energy. Till last couple f century we were not aware about the atom and its smaller particle in side like now i.e. Photons, Electrons, Neutrinos or Quarks etc. When these particles collide each other it form the Protons and Neutrons.

Within few seconds Protons and Neutrons with centrally located Nucleolus formed the First elements like Hydrogen. After this Helium and Lithium came into existence. There still lack of Electrons to form a stable Atom.

For a very long period there was Radiation present the whole inflated balloon of fire. Ultraviolet, Infrared, and different waves length rays was the few to name. These waves were becoming weaker as the Universe keep on expending till now. These microwave were lightning the Universe with remnant energy.

After radiation it was the starting of matter that continued for hundreds of thousands year. Cosmic Energy in matter and radiation were present simultaneously. Energy was getting weaker by expansion and matter was getting weaker due to spreading with Universal expansion. This created atom as we know now due to combination of electrons and the first particle Hydrogen was came into existence. Distribution of matter was Creations action due to Microwave Radiation.

It took millions of year for 1st Galaxy to come into existence followed by Stars and Planets.

Primordial gases were much more word to express at that time but a bit confusing. Scientist has different opinions. Gravity had bigger part to play in getting primordial gases density and forming the different Galaxy. The time of this activity could be arguable but worth less. It could be 10 billion or much more than that. Hubble Space Telescope has captured some very young galaxies that are still in process of forming as the Universe expand.

Hydrogen thought to be the first element came into existence after Big Bang. It is not coincidence because it is the most common and simplest element in the Universe. With single proton and electron it was the most logical for it combine with another particle after Big Bang start cooling process. Ordinary hydrogen 1 doesn’t even contain a neutron, though other isotopes do. According to the scientist these particle were like soup in the early Universe, and not differentiated into elements.

All this has created our Solar System from the chaotic first elements formation.

 Start of our Solar System

Milky Way Galaxy that is still full of gases as looks from here. Sun is just a big Star in its orbit like so many other enormous stars.. Thousands of hydrogen bombs are exploding on its surface that makes big space filled with gases. Earth is just a sub-planet in its orbit. Although our life totally depend on Sun but other sub-planet also affect our life as well. Even some other planet are coming into existence as seen by Hubble Space Telescope recently in the Orion Nebula surrounded by gases. There is possibility that this may collided with some oter big planet one day.

Out all these star and planets life developed on Earth about few billion year when earth started cooling from fire globe. The fireball became a soup of rock. Ultimately from the humidity of earth became the dense clouds. That followed by heavy rain and microscopic living cell. Later stage is conflicted by different theory of development of Mamalss, Plants, Flatworm, Jelly fish and Algae.

In last thousand years living organism keeps on changing in different type of organism. Hard shells organism also came in to existence. About few hundred year ago the first mammal came in to existence. Dinosaurs were on this earth about 65 million year ago. This was starting era of animal kingdom. Suddenly they disappear from this planet. Here is also scientist not agree on one point. Somehow the seed of living being was still survived. Homo sapiens evolved six hundred thousand year ago. We feel ashamed of our ancestors the Apes that somehow existed in Africa. Homo sapiens migrated all over the world from Africa.
This state is known to human mind because it is limited for such a big action where all forces were unified at that moment. Then the strong nuclear force and the electroweak force were separate from each other. There was rain of these forces that were carrying Electrons of different quality. That started the formation of Galaxies. Like first rain on earth formed Oceans. At time zero a single space-time pulse of minimum size and duration was the beginning of the universe. It expanded and accelerated for a billionth of a second, this produced a smallest sphere of maximum density, exploding radically at the speed of light. In the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang there was quark-gluon plasma. As the universe expanded and cooled, the quark-gluon plasma formed into protons and neutrons. That formed into hydrogen (mostly) and helium. And there was a bit of lithium. Heavier elements than that had to wait until the formation of the first stars. Protons and neutrons combine into helium nuclei, but only 25% of them make it before they cool down too much. Electrons that are still too hot to join the nuclei about 240,000 to 310,000 years: hydrogen and helium nuclei get electrons to orbit them. This makes the universe transparent: photons can now travel without hitting a charged electron or nuclei.150 million years: the first stars form from gravitation collapse. The hydrogen in them is turned into heavier elements. The quantum effect increased producing small pockets of turbulence that eventually resulted in fundamental particles. Eventually hydrogen emerged then in about 300 million years the first stars lit up. The outcome was Galaxies.

In different galaxy atom were starting their formation. These atoms as per their quality formed the particle. The only particle were thought to come into form first is called by scientist is the Higgs boson. Every second there were forming new particles even scientists agree to that. Those particles were present in galaxies with Universal energy. Scientist called them W and Z bosons, virtual quarks and hyperons. Cooling of these particle combine into hadrons, including baryons such as protons and neutrons. Scientists say that there was a particle called Neutrinos stop interacting with other particles. This was in the form of unseen & pure energy that do not show its presence for unknown reason. In the same way mass was dominated by Leptons & anti-leptons present in universal energy /electrons, muons(Proton), and tauons(Neutron)/. Photons dominate the energy. As observed by scientist later on found that the leptons and anti-leptons destroy each other; this can explain the theory of symmetry under the law of physics, a few leptons survive because action of Universal mind was reacting in its own calculation that is in unlimited fashion.  This flaw shows the imbalance in mater and anti-mater. This shows the formation of cosmic uplink rather than cosmic scattering. Nothing was useless or waste in its action. Scientist may find lots of particles still unknown in Universe because its immensity and infinity. The latest Galaxy found by NASA is about 10.2 billion light year away from earth. All these Galaxies are bind together by unlimited gravitational force. In the same moment Super Novas was also came into existence. That explain Universal Mind had a centre that will broke its meditation ultimately.  

Here’s what the experts are saying about the origin of the universe:

There are an estimated 50 thousand million galaxies in the universe, with the typical galaxy containing 50 thousand million to 100 thousand million stars. It is estimated that there are 1022 stars in total in the universe.

The most distant galaxy ever observed is estimated to be around 13,000,000,000 light-years away. Discovered by the Hubble Space Telescope in 2004, it is located behind the galactic cluster Abell 2218, which bends the object’s light. It is a small, energetic galaxy whose light that is seen on Earth now would have set out when the universe was just 750 million years old. This is the most distant object that can be observed consistently; some ephemeral gamma-ray bursts have been observed that are slightly more distant than this object.

The oldest galaxies we can see are right next door to us in the present universe. Looking out into space, we see images of galaxies that become younger and younger the further out we look. We actually see images of the youngest galaxies in the universe the farther out we look.

If space is infinite, there is nothing on the other side. If space is finite because it has been bent around upon itself because of gravity, then again there is nothing on the other side of it because there is no seam. It looks like the surface of a smooth ball which represents a piece of flat paper bent upon it self.

There is a giant super cluster of galaxies in the direction of the constellations Perseus and Pegasus that is over a thousand million light-years long, and is the largest super cluster known. In 1989, astronomers found another structure that they dubbed the “Great Wall”. It is a collection of galaxies some 500 million light-years long, 200 million light-years wide and 15 million light-years thick.

While astronomers used to believe that galaxies were distributed more or less evenly through space, they have now found regions where galaxies are rare or absent. The largest of these regions is located in the direction of the constellation Bootees and measures more than 300 million light years across.

NASA: “The universe was created sometime between 10 billion and 20 billion years ago from a cosmic explosion that hurled matter and in all directions.”

UC Berkeley: “The Big Bang Theory states that at some time in the distant past there was nothing. A process known as vacuum fluctuation created what astrophysicists call a singularity. From that singularity, which was about the size of a dime, our Universe was born.”

University of Michigan: “About 15 billion years ago a tremendous explosion started the expansion of the universe. This explosion is known as the Big Bang. At the point of this event all of the matter and energy of space was contained at one point. What existed prior to this event is completely unknown and is a matter of pure speculation. This occurrence was not a conventional explosion but rather an event filling all of space with all of the particles of the embryonic universe rushing away from each other.”

PBS: There was an “initial explosion” of a “primordial atom which had contained all the matter in the universe.”

American Association for the Advancement of Science: “In the last fifty years a great deal of evidence has accumulated in support of a “consensus” theory of the evolution of the universe. The theory holds that a “big bang” precipitated a huge split-second inflation of the universe, followed by a gradual expansion that continues to this day and is now accelerating.”

Cosmic Evolution:

Dark Matter and Dark Energy were always there. These forces are two sides of same coin. Even other three forces were hidden in that reaction.

1. Dark Matter

2. Dark Energy

3. Gravitational Force

4. Magnetic Force

5. Electrical Force

Stellar Evolution. The Energy created by Universal meditation had formed the matter. It was just reaction from unlimited action. Over a period of approximately 10 billion years, this newly created space, time, matter and energy evolved into remarkably-designed and fully-functional, The development of

1. Galaxies

2. Super Nova

3. Planets,

4. Stars

5. Comets or Asteroids

Chemical Evolution. According to the scientist, the only chemical elements produced by the Big Bang were Hydrogen and Helium (and possibly Lithium). As a result of the incredible heat and pressure within stars, these original elements somehow evolved into the other hundreds of naturally occurring chemical elements we observe today. It may be observation of some scientist but actually all type of elements were hidden in that reaction that can not be observe or percept by any human mind even if it will merge in to Universal mind. Like a drop out of ocean can see it self individually but as soon as it mixes with ocean there is no individuality exist.

Planetary Evolution. The development of planetary systems from swirling elements.

The complex chemical elements thought to have evolved within ancient stars were somehow ejected, possibly at the violent deaths of stellar life cycles, releasing great clouds of swirling compounds. These clouds of chemical elements somehow formed finely-tuned solar systems. The most simplest and common element present the Universe is Hydrogen that is made of single proton and single electron. People call it a coincidence but its not. Universe was acting from its mind now it had already created time and allowing its own energy to act. As a result the early Universe cooled enough to allow particles to combine; hydrogen was the first element to be made. Ordinary hydrogen (known as hydrogen 1) doesn’t even contain a neutron, though other isotopes do. The early Universe was made up of a sort of mixture of particles, and may not formed into elements In Galaxies particles were forming Planets, Stars, Comets, Asteroids, solar systems like ours and eventually us.

Organic Evolution: “Spontaneous Generation” The theory is that the planet Earth began as a molten mass of matter a few billions years ago. It cooled off into solid, dry rock. Then, it rained on the rocks for millions of years, forming great oceans. Eventually, this “rock soup” (water + rock) came alive and spawned the first self-replicating organic systems.

Theory of Evolution
The theory of evolution as taught to us only dealt with the macro-evolutionary chain between organic creatures. My perception and some instinct that when earth was cooling oxygen and hydrogen formed a combination and evaporated in the earth lower orbit that formed the clouds. Rain had started just after that that has cooled the earth upper layer. It created 5 Oceans. Human has named them as:

  1. Atlantic 2. Pacific 3. Indian 4. Arctic 5. Norwegian

And sea as Barents, Kara, Laptev, Bering, Okhotsr, Siberean, China, Philippine, Timor, Red, Arabian, and Black. Some part of the Earth was without water. Now put the fact together the organism is made of Five elements.

1 – Earth 2 – Water 3 – Fire 4 – Air and 5 – Ether or Sky or Energy.

Although science has opened lots of new field DNA, Chromosome, and Gene etc. It’s like breaking a brick and tries to examine the entire particle to the atom level till the end where we will find nothing in the last. The dry area at the shore of ocean and sea has three element earth, fire and air. This particle of three elements has no quality for living organism. As soon as it gets water the grass starting growing. That you can see in any desert. If you put water in desert there is plants started growing. Some how a particle in the sea was lying without any growth but it had four elements. It gets the fifth element Energy and start moving as a single cell organism may be Ameba.

This is where the sixth phase of general evolutionary theory occurs — “Macro Evolution.” All living creatures are thought to share a common ancestor: a relatively “simple” single-celled organism, which evolved from inorganic matter (so-called, “rock soup”). Essentially, the insects and the grass, the animal and the plants, are all genetically related. Micro Evolution is the variation and variety of traits expressed in sexually compatible of organisms.

This “variation within a kind” is What Darwin started his observation in the variation in the species of birds and shifted to Monkey to Human, Jackal to wolf, Cat to Loin etc in the mid-1800, and what we still observe. When he saw some resemblance in birds.

Now the question is four elements we know how they came in to living organism but the fifth element how it came into the single cell?


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